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WHITENING shampoo 250ml

WHITENING shampoo 250ml

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Specialized shampoo for white fur without hydrogen peroxide.

Highly concentrated 20:1 composition
extremely economical.

Whitening Shampoo is a specialist product specially designed for use on pets with white fur. A characteristic feature is the use of indigo dye (Lulakis Dye), which effectively removes unwanted colors from white fur for days. Gives a brilliant white color without hydrogen peroxide and strong bleaching agents. It has an improved composition with 40% active aloe, olive oil, TiO2 and a rich mixture of silicones that are absorbed directly by the hair and increase the overall shine and brightness of the coat. At the same time, it contains evening primrose oil, which is known for its beneficial effect on eczema and provides deep hydration to the skin.
Combine it perfectly with Wild Poppy eau de toilette 75 ml.

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