About us

"Pet Valley" is a trademark owned by PET VALLEY BULGARIA OOD
(EIK:207782825) and is the first to start the distribution of the BARF concept in Bulgaria in 2017, offering the BONEBARF brand raw food for dogs and cats to the Bulgarian market.

BONEBARF raw food for dogs and cats is produced in Greece from high quality and certified products, without added preservatives and colorings. Recipes and ingredient ratios are developed by a team consisting of a veterinarian and a technologist with many years of experience in the production of raw food for dogs and cats.

We carefully select all ingredients

The meat used for the production of BARF, as well as other raw materials, are of high quality and specially selected from certified and verified Greek farms and producers, suitable for human consumption. Production is carried out through appropriate processes to reset the microbial load, remove any trace of harmful substances and ensure excellent freshness. A strict cold chain is maintained from production to delivery and to the end user.

Our products

Our recipes

BONEBARF exclusively develops a menu for Pet Valley, offering the basic and must-have flavors for dogs and cats. Pet Valley's BARF menu includes chicken, beef, lamb, meat and fish mixes, and by-products as natural supplements to the main meals. We also add natural treats to the assortment so that your pets are cared for and happy at all times.

BARF Menus