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Dog ice cream with hemp and blueberry 90ml

Dog ice cream with hemp and blueberry 90ml

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Another great idea in a dog cup - Blueberry Hemp Dog Ice Cream!

Sounds exotic… it is!

Perfectly adapted to your dog's digestion, dog ice cream contains only natural ingredients. Lactose-free yogurt mix, perfectly adapted to the taste of dogs, enriched with agave syrup. In addition to hemp powder and delicious blueberries, coconut flakes and healthy oils complete the cool refreshing composition.

The hemp powder used consists of selected, natural hemp components, using only the best parts of the whole plant. All hemp plants come from special cultivation areas where no pesticides/herbicides or similar substances are used.

Veterinarians and animal nutrition experts developed the new recipe together with Lars Scheimann from Duisburg (known as Doctor Hemp). Dog ice cream is a treat between meals and a suitable reward for four-legged friends.

(No added sugar)

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