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BoneBarf Chicken menu

BoneBarf Chicken menu

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The chicken menu is also the most suitable for a basic transition menu to the BARF method, as it is easily digestible and contains the lowest level of protein compared to the beef and lamb menu.

  • Improves digestion
  • High absorption and fast metabolism
  • No more shedding
  • Reduces the amount of stool
  • Strongly strengthens the immune system
  • Improves muscle and joint health

It is suitable for neutered dogs, weakly active and those prone to or suffering from liver or kidney disease.


      85% chicken meat and bones (bones and cartilage max 18%)
      4% carrots
      5% apples
      3% lettuce
      1.3% olive oil
      0.8% apple cider vinegar
      0.5% hippophae oil
      0.4% Indian coconut

      Nutritional values ​​per 100g

      Calories 184 kcal
      Protein 14.9 g
      Fat 12.8 g
      Phosphorus 0.52 g
      Calcium 0.52 g
      Moisture 67.9 g
      Fiber <1 g
      Ash 2.2 g

      Method of storage

      Frozen BARF can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months from the date

      of production (see the expiration date on the packaging).

      Never refreeze thawed BARF!

      Place a package of BARF from the freezer in the refrigerator, leave overnight to thaw. The food should be thawed by the morning of the next day.

      If you have any left over, store the thawed BARF food in the refrigerator (2°C - 4°C).

      It is safe to consume within 48 hours, when stored properly.

      • Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 16кг. БАРФ
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      The only way informed pet owners feed their pet!

      BARF food is the only way that brings your pet as close as possible to a natural and healthy way of eating. This way he will get real and balanced nutrients so he can enjoy a strong immune system, energy, healthy coat and nails, as well as excellent digestion, and you - his longevity.

      Why BARF?

      The physiology of dogs and their digestive systems prove that they are designed to eat meat, organs and bones. The balanced BARF menu contains raw meat, bones, pureed vegetables and fruits - necessary to maintain excellent health.

      Give the gift of health to your pet

      The stress of frequent visits to the vet is a thing of the past. Already after the first day of taking BARF, you will notice that the amount of feces is minimal, odorless and with a solid structure. The reason is the high absorption of the right nutrients, which is key to your pet's longevity.

      • (★★★★★) - Sofia A.

        Rocky is very pleased with BoneBarf's Beef Green Belly. His fur is many times softer and he is much more energetic than before😁

      • (★★★★★) - Christiana T.

        Berta has been on the BARF diet for 2 months now and is much more playful and has a bigger appetite.

      • (★★★★★) - Monica L.

        My dog ​​really liked the BARF way of eating. He has already tried almost all the menus. I recommend the BARF diet to all farmers.

      How does BARF improve my pet's health?

      The physiology of dogs and their digestive systems prove that they are designed to eat meat, organs and bones. Dogs and cats have a large stomach, a short digestive tract and a very small cecum. This is indicative that they need to consume large amounts of high protein food.

      The balanced BARF menu contains raw meat, bones, pureed vegetables and fruits - necessary to maintain excellent health.

      BARF daily dose

      The daily intake of BARF food is calculated according to the age of your pet as follows:

      • Dogs over 1 year: 2-3% of total body weight.
      • Adolescent dogs: 4-6% of body weight.
      • Puppies up to 4 months of age: 8-10% of body weight.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why BARF?

      BARF is the most natural method of nutrition for your dog or kitten, composed of raw meat, bones, pureed vegetables (fruits, fine oils and herbs) and organs for complete nutrition. Before being domesticated by man, cats and dogs survived on their own in the wild, choosing raw food.

      Ian Billinghurst was one of the first veterinarians to draw attention to the relationship between the health of dogs and their diet. He shared his research with the world back in 1993 in the book Give Your Dog a Bone. Over the years, many veterinary studies and research have proven that raw feeding leads to a positive effect on the overall health of dogs and cats.

      Can BARF food replace diet food?

      The BARF food concept can be completely sufficient for the daily needs of the dog or cat. In addition to it and according to the pet's individual needs, various natural additives such as organs, dehydrated treats and functional oils can be added.

      What are the benefits of BARF?

      The advantages of the BARF feeding concept are primarily a healthier state of the pet, but also:

      🐾 Overall strengthening and strengthening of muscles and tendons

      🐾 Increase in life expectancy

      🐾 Natural intake of useful substances, vitamins and trace elements directly from their source, not from added questionable chemical preparations with dangerous effectiveness

      🐾 Improvement of appetite

      🐾 Excellent food assimilation (up to 85%)

      🐾 Healthy stomach, small and dry stools

      🐾 Reduction of gas (even in problem breeds)

      🐾 Elimination of the unpleasant smell of urine and feces

      🐾 Rich and shiny coat

      🐾 Reduction of tartar formation

      🐾 Fresh breath

      The positive effect on the dog and cat is often observed in the first week, but a minimum of 14 days of the transition to BARF is needed for a sustainable change and thorough monitoring to establish conclusions. We will be happy if you share your experience with us!