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CANVIT Donkey thistle 160 gr

CANVIT Donkey thistle 160 gr

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Milk thistle seeds (Silybum Marianum) are a rich natural source of silymarin, a biologically active substance that is a combination of flavonols that has a high antioxidant and protective effect on liver cells (hepatoprotection).

- Protects the liver and supports its regeneration
- Recovers after liver disorders and poisoning
- Reduces damage from medication
- Suitable for all breeds and ages

Silymarin improves liver function, supports the formation and regeneration of liver cells, protects new liver cells and reduces inflammation. Provides nutritional support for liver disorders, prevention after poisoning and detoxification.

Milk thistle may prevent or reduce liver damage caused by drugs. If you have given your dog medication and are concerned about the effects of the chemicals remaining in the body, this supplement helps to significantly eliminate them from the dog's body.
Milk thistle can also help to heal kidney damage faster and has a beneficial effect in relieving the symptoms of pancreatitis.

It is intended for dogs of all breeds and ages and is one of the best natural nutritional supplements you can offer to strengthen and detoxify the liver.

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