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BoneBarf- Beef Esophagus

BoneBarf- Beef Esophagus

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-100% beef
-No artificial additives
-Gluten and lactose free
-Low fat content
-Lean and easily digestible
-Ideal for all breeds and ages
-Good reception

Make rewarding your pet healthy with Bone Barf Dehydrated Beef Esophagus. It is very low in fat and at the same time extremely nutritious for your pet. Each delicious bite is full of natural nutrients beneficial to your dog's joint function, as well as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This treat is grain free, only pure beef from the esophagus. It's soft enough for puppies and older dogs, while satisfying all dogs in between. Thanks to our gentle drying process, almost all the nutrients as well as the natural taste and aroma remain available. All natural treat for dogs, without added colorings and preservatives.
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The physiology of dogs and their digestive systems prove that they are designed to eat meat, organs and bones. The balanced BARF menu contains raw meat, bones, pureed vegetables and fruits - necessary to maintain excellent health.

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