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Specialized shampoo for degreasing, deep hydration, strengthening and shine of the coat.
For a specific skin condition that requires increased care.

Highly concentrated 20:1 composition, extremely economical.

Green Clay shampoo is the most innovative cleaning product of the Top Dog company with a high concentration of active biological aloe (80%), bentonite and green clay, which has a deep cleansing effect. Removes dead cells and non-bacterial odors, removes excess oil from the skin and promotes better hydration of the skin and coat. Keratin and silk proteins enhance the moisturizing effect of the shampoo, while the high content of argan, olive oil, evening primrose, calendula, jojoba and olive oil contribute to the health of the pet's hair in the long term. The main cleansing ingredient of the shampoo is green clay and this makes it suitable even for daily use.

Green Clay shampoo is the perfect product for a specific skin condition and provides solutions where no other shampoo can. It is this feature that makes it so unique. At the same time, it is a hypoallergenic product that works on breeds with a wired coat (hard coat) when participating in dog shows, as it will give very good results with just one use. It helps the hair maintain its natural line and makes it easier on the scissors during trimming, making the product essential for the professional groomer who wants to do something different during a show or competition.
No fragrance. Combine it perfectly with any Top Dog perfume of your choice.

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